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87th auction day by Gallery KODL  >  Detail


Pre-auction exhibition of 225 extraordinary works of art from the 87th Auction Day by Gallery KODL.

The exhibition runs from 25 April to 28 May at the gallery's premises on Národní 7. You can submit your limits from the 8th May 10 am.

You can also discover your favourite lots through the Virtual tour of the exhibition

The live auction will start on May 29 at 12h noon. We remind you that only users with verified profiles can join the auction.

Previous auctions

Artslimit online 3  >  Detail


Dear bidders, the starting price of CZK 5,900,000 has been increased to CZK 15,100,000. The difference between the total sale and starting price is therefore almost threefold. 92% of items were sold. Thank you for your trust!

You can collect your lots after previous agreement at the Gallery KODL from Tuesday 15th of March every working day between 10 am and 6 pm.

Auction day 86 by Gallery KODL  >  Detail


The 86th auction by the Gallery KODL took place on Sunday, November 28, in Prague's Žofín palace. Although without physical presence of the bidders, the atmosphere in the auction hall was just electrifying from the first lot to the last one. We have witnessed several bidding battles in which online bidders clashed with bidders on the phones. The result is an increase in the total starting price of 98 million crowns to almost 280 million. The sales are dominated by Kupka's collection of illustrations Man and the Earth, which sold for 51.2 million crowns. This is followed by oils from Emil Filla: Head of an Old Man and The Fight, which sold for 32.4 million crowns and 19.4 million crowns respectively. The Fight was sold to an Artslimit bidder and is the most expensive work sold online, thank you for your trust! However, the most important number for us is 100%, because 100% of the offered lots were sold in this auction, half of them through Artslimit. This is our greatest success and proof of your great interest and confidence in our auctions, which we appreciate deeply! This success is completely unique and certainly very difficult to repeat, thank you for it!