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Erotic Review 1–3

copy of the book
21 x 15 cm
Estimate: 150,000 CZK - 250,000 CZK
Starting price: 50,000 CZK
Hammer price:
190,000 CZK

copy of the book, 1930–1931, /150, from Adolf Hoffmeister's private library.

Private edition of the Erotic review I-III (150 numbered copies) was published in 1930–1931 in Prague by Jindřich Štyrský. Signed full-page colour illustrations of the distinctive Czech avant-garde artist Toyen appear in all issues. Other avant-garde artists, who contributed to the visual and literary content of the review, were: A. Hoffmeister, F. Bidlo, A. Pelc, E. Filla, A. Wachsman, B. Brouk, V. Nezval, F. Halas, J. Hořejší, F. Hrubín and V. Závada.