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Zdeněk Trs (* 1985)

Seashell IV

mixed media (acrylic, oil) on canvas
40 x 120 cm
Estimate: 200,000 CZK - 300,000 CZK
Starting price: 150,000 CZK
Current price:
260,000 CZK

mixed media (acrylic, oil) on canvas, 2021, signed on the reverse, 40 × 120 cm

The work of the talented representative of contemporary Czech painting, Zdeněk Trs, is characterised by the unusu al delicacy and purity of artistic expression. The work of this graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, who studied under the guidance of Zdeněk Beran, combines an abstract geometric style with light as the alpha and omega of vision. In the perfect synthesis of these elements, mysterious scenes full of peace and harmony are created, which literally draw the beholder into their interior. Their apparent infinity becomes the third dimension beyond the flat substance of the canvas. Perfectly rendered geometric shapes in the artwork Seashell IV evoke feelings of harmony and calmness in the beholder, even though there are also significant contrasts. Elementary geometric shapes referring to stereometrical solids or cosmic bodies, depicted on a monochrome gray surface, have a captivating ability to evoke the illusion of space, thanks to which the artist became recognisable on the Czech art scene.