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Lot #20 

Ivana Štenclová (* 1980)

Dalí II

acrylic on plywood
120 x 85 cm
Estimate: 120,000 CZK - 170,000 CZK
Starting price: 70,000 CZK
Hammer price:
160,000 CZK

acrylic on plywood, 2022, signed on the reverse, 120 × 85 cm

Ivana Štenclová is a remarkable painter who has had a number of successful exhibitions and her artworks can be found in many important collections. Fundamental for her style is her drawing training, which is sometimes purposefully, but often rather arbitrarily reflected in her works. Another significant feature is layering, which influenced her entire theoretical as well as practical work. In her almost relief-like artworks, Štenclová combines separately visually non-functional parts, which only together create a desired, highly elaborate image. In terms of subject matter, she mainly focuses on portraits and often quotes works of modern art or modern artists themselves, such as the presented portrait of Salvador Dalí, who emerges from radial shapes that evoke almost sacral atmosphere.