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Daniel Pitín (* 1977)

Early Evening

oil on canvas
84 x 75  cm
Estimate: 300,000 CZK - 400,000 CZK
Starting price: 200,000 CZK
Current price:
260,000 CZK

oil on canvas, 2021, signed on the reverse, 84 × 75 cm, framed

The work of Daniel Pitín, an artist established in international contemporary painting (especially in the context of so-called Leipzig and Cluj schools), is formally based on work with figurative compositions and architecture. It is space as an essential component that interconnects the entire work of the artist, and also becomes an integral part of his exhibitions' dramaturgy. Scenes are often deliberately multi-layered and do not offer the beholders a clear, simple story, but rather let them ask questions and try to find answers. T his ambiguity is another characteristic feature of Pitín's work. The timeline of his narrative scenes is often disrupted by intrusions of completely different, unrelated scenes, so his works often resemble the work of a film editor or even a director. The technique used is also interesting, combining fine, perfect drawing with a peculiar, very expressive rendering. The presented artwork comes directly from the artist's atelier.