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Pasta Oner (* 1979)

For Love

mixed media (oil, acrylic) on canvas
120 × 100 cm
Estimate: 250,000 CZK - 350,000 CZK
Starting price: 200,000 CZK
Current price:
200,000 CZK

mixed media (oil, acrylic) on canvas, 2022, signed on the reverse, 120 × 100 cm

Pasta Oner is considered one of the most distinctive representatives of the contemporary Czech art scene, whose work is highly valued and sought-after by art collectors. He has been intensively profiled in recent years within the limits of classic independent and public gallery environments. His artistic expression is imbued with pop art and cartoon aesthetics, most recently inspired by iconic works of the Old Masters. He largely focuses on acrylic and oil paintings, but spatial objects and sculptures hold an important position within his artwork as well. This painting from the For Love series elaborates on the topic of interpersonal relationships and specifically the rivalry between two men aroused by their love for the same woman. The artist worked here with the multiplication of one model's legs, thus evokes a collage-like impression.