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Vera Molnár (* 1924)

Sainte-Victoire Interchangeables (Orange & Blue)

silkscreen print on canvas
40 × 40 cm
Estimate: 250,000 CZK - 500,000 CZK
Starting price: 140,000 CZK
Hammer price:
350,000 CZK

silkscreen print on canvas, 2017, signed on the reverse, 40 × 40 cm each

Vera Molnár, who has lived in France since 1947, is a pioneer in computer art. As early as 1968, Molnár began to use programming language as a generative tool in her artistic work when executing her paintings and graphics, crossing the borders of science and art. The motif of the Sainte-Victoire occurs repeatedly in Vera Molnár's drawings, collages, paintings, and silkscreen prints. Partly as an homage to Cézanne, as well as the resemblance of the Gaussian curve, the mountain denotes the natural appearance of disorder, a key concept in Vera Molnár's art along with computer generated algorithmic chance, structure, and freedom. Molnár began making combinatorial images and modelling mathematical patterns using a method which she called “machine imaginaire” in 1959. Later, in 1968, she had a very early opportunity to exchange her imaginary computer for a real one. She created images using a limited number of simple forms and produced sequences by gradually changing the proportions and the arrangement of the elements. In Molnár's case, the purpose of the seriality lies in the possibility of continuous comparison and analysis of the individual images, and in the possible visualisation of the changing process that takes place. She uses the computer as a tool, and although she employs well-defined parameters, mathematical formulas, and logical constructions, her aim is to explore human perception and to research the subjective logic that is visual and sensual at the same time. As she says: “The question is, if we put these shapes next to each other, can we find an essential change here and there, a peculiar visual situation, that can be called art?”