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Jan Kaláb (* 1978)

Inner Blue Glow Eclipse 102

acrylic on canvas
90 × 60 cm
Estimate: 250,000 CZK - 350,000 CZK
Starting price: 150,000 CZK
Current price:
150,000 CZK
acrylic on canvas, 2022, signed on the reverse, 90 × 60 cm. Jan Kaláb is a remarkable Czech artist whose style is based on the creative roots of graffiti and street art, and who ranks among the founding generation of graff iti writers in the Czech Republic. He gradually transferred this visual culture from a street environment to prestigious galleries around the world. Street facades and experimental work were replaced by canvases of various shapes of his production. His work is accompanied by a constant exploration of new techniques and structures. Through geometric morphology, precise acrylic painting, and layered surfaces, he embarks on the analysis of space within the classical painting. Jan Kaláb's boundless commitment, joy of playful discovery, and overcoming of his own possibilities as a result lead to innovation and the withdrawing of genre boundaries. In the presented painting, through colour tints and subtle transitions, he plays out an extremely impressive play of tones, capturing not only an indefinite flash in time, but also the feeling associated with the given moment. T he elusive light moment of an eclipse is thus more than just an aesthetic experience; it becomes an experience affecting our senses and emotions.