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Lot #3 

Martin Janecký


acrylic and inside bubble sculpting
50 × 20 cm
Estimate: 250,000 CZK - 350,000 CZK
Starting price: 150,000 CZK
Hammer price:
150,000 CZK

acrylic and inside bubble sculpting, 2022, 50 × 20 cm

The presented work, Mask, represents a highly interesting collaboration between the world-famous glassmaker Martin Janecký (* 1980) and the artistic duo Ondrash & Kasparek, which is popular among designers for its special technique of acrylic painting transferred on canvas from the water surface. Their joint work forms a unique realisation in which two very exacting technologies are combined. First, so-called inside bubble sculpting, during which Janecký shapes the glass into the shape of a face from a hot bulb, and acrylic painting transferred from the water surface onto the 3D surface. All three artists are united by their love of technology and the search for new ways of artistic self-expression. Martin Janecký started working with glass at the age of thirteen in his father's workshop and, after graduating from the Glass School in Nový Bor, he gained experience in South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, and especially the USA, where he studied at the Pilchuck Glass School under the guidance of Richard Royal and William Morris. Ondřej Konupčík (Ondrash, * 1984) is a world-renowned tattoo artist; people from all over the world have been waiting for his abstract tattoos for more than three years. Radim Kašpárek (* 1990) is an artist who has been searching for new vehicles of expression through new art technologies his entire life – the complex technique of acrylic painting from the water surface is his invention. He spent four years developing it and, during the first lockdown when Ondřej Konupčík could not devote himself to tattooing, they finished the development together. Mask is a unique and first joint work of these artists and comes directly from their atelier.

Accompanied by signed artist´s certificate.