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Gregor Hildebrandt (* 1974)

Das habe ich auch getan (12305te)

mixed media (magnetic audiotape coating, adhesive tape, acrylic) on canvas
49 × 74 cm
Estimate: 200,000 CZK - 250,000 CZK
Starting price: 185,000 CZK
Hammer price:
305,000 CZK

mixed media (magnetic audiotape coating, adhesive tape, acrylic) on canvas, 2021, 49 × 74 cm.

Gregor Hildebrandt's experimental work rightly receives more and more attention in the European environment. For over 20 years, this remarkable Berlin-based artist has been working with analogue recording media, from which he creates various paintings, sculptures, and installations. He seeks inspiration in post-industrial culture and the era of consumerism, but also in architecture, literature, film, and music. Formally, the influences of minimalism and abstract expressionism can be found in his work, which, however, he processes in his own way. T he very impressive artwork entitled Das habe ich auch getan (12305te) also carries the obvious heritage of the aforementioned artistic movements, but its form moves forward to give them new, contemporary power. It is undoubtedly highly attractive work by an artist who is not afraid to reshape the entire exhibition space in his own way and thus completely absorb the beholder in his world.